Google Search Options Above Results Makes Searching Easier

The addition of Google search options above results offers more focused information besides ease of search for users who are searching Google indexes. Users now have the option to search the Buy Google Reviews web, images, maps, shopping, news, blogs and so forth from right above the search results. Earlier, the search options used to appear on the left sidebar and offered less flexibility for searching. Internet marketing professionals can now optimize client websites keeping these new features in mind.

Optimizing images with Alt Tags, adding Google translator code and adding the site to Google Places all helps in connecting with the target market better. The Translated Foreign pages option allows sites in other languages to appear in search results. This helps a business expand its marketing footprint and makes a web presence global. Prospects from around the world can find you easily when they search your keywords. So, if you want you can do away with expensive International SEO and just invest in affordable PPC campaigns engineered in the languages of your target areas.

With Google search options above results, sites can optimize images and show up in search results when a user clicks on drop down menu of Search Tools and checks on Sites with Images.

Likewise, local businesses that optimize sites with local keywords and add their business to Google Places can now be easily found when users check on the option of Nearby or clicks on Places in Search Tools. For instance, if you own a donut shop on Main Street in Wyckoff, NJ and a prospect near your store searches for a donut shop you will show up in the search results above others who are not verified by Google Places. These advancements have crystallized search for users and they do not have to go through unrelated search results to find what they are looking for.

The new interface allows users to drill down information in a focused manner. Google has expanded search ability of websites indexed by Google through breaking information down in specifications by using Knowledge Graph. Search for a travel destination and get images, maps and hotels. Looking for your favorite rock star? Just Google the name and an information box will serve you an image and details such as date of birth, full name, height,siblings, songs, upcoming events, and albums all without having to visit a website.

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