Stun Guns Are Cute Looking, Easy to Handle, Yet Great Protective Weapon

 Stun Guns Are Cute Looking, Easy to Handle, Yet Great Protective Weapon


One of the most popular defensive gadgets used extensively by women and students all over United States; stun guns provide ample scope for personal safety. Divergent  .38 special ammo types of teasers as well as stun guns are available in the market and it is for the user to select the one depending on his or her requirements and budget.

One of the problems for the end user would be the host of choices available before them and selecting the right one from the list. With so many options it becomes very difficult to select the desired one but once selected the stun gun is likely to make user’s life much safer than it previously was.

Some of the factors to be taken into consideration before going for the teasers, pepper spray or guns are as follows –

  • Taking stock of the legal provisions prevalent in the area is important. guns, teasers or sprays are not legal in every state.
  • Some states even have imposed strict restrictions on these items. That is why the people constantly on move should be well aware of the local laws.
  • Stun and teasers are banned in New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and the district of Columbia. Michigan State allows use of guns by sworn police officials.
  • Some other States allow limited use of the teasers and guns. In Connecticut one can use such guns at home but not outside. On the other hand in states like Arizona, one can legally carry this type of instruments but only for defensive purposes.
  • Yet other States have restrictions of licensing the devices with handgun licenses like in Indiana. In New Hampshire, no one below 18 years can use the guns.



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