How to advertise SaaS and begin earning money from it?

If you’re offering a SaaS (Software as a Service) and you are having trouble in marketing you can follow these suggestions to advertise it and begin earning money from it:

1. It is recommended to provide an initial account for free to encourage new sign-ups. After they have tried the service and found an interest, they will be more likely to upgrade to premium models.

2. It is recommended to be able to afford at least two levels of upgrade. Everybody doesn’t want to go to the top level , and psychologists recommend that one level lower than the highest’ is the most popular choice.

3. Find out the gap in your area of expertise and determine that. Are you offering the most simple and fastest? It is essential to mean time to restore discover the distinctive feature that makes it stand out that makes it different. Discuss it.

4. Create your blog and publish regular blog posts. Here are some suggestions for you if you don’t know the topics to write about: what inspired you to begin the service, who are the most successful customers (not names, but the kind or segment) How many users have signed up What tools have you employed in the development process and why, why are you still in beta , or what made you decide to get out of beta? What websites or publications have spoken about the service (thank for them)? Write about your team’s experience on this area – are you an CA/CPA? There are a myriad of topics to write about.

5. Links to blogs from their account’s home page. It is essential to maintain a consistent dialogue with your current customers , without having to send an email blast every now and then often.

6. Create a feedback page on each account’s home page, and ask users to give their feedback about their favorite or most frequently used features. Ask your users about their most-repeated pet peeves and then sort them out. You’ll be amazed to discover the outcomes. The features you’ve been pushing so hard may have not been the top thing for them.

7. Spend some time on the basic SEO of your site. You must be found by search engines before they are able to sign-up.

8. Use HTML0 to run low-cost promotions. Advertise in magazines for industry. Advertise on industry blogs.

9. Create extremely targeted ads that are highly targeted on AdWords as well as Facebook. It will cost you money, but it will bring in a few quick sign-ups. It can also help you determine a successful marketing pitch by running A/B split tests of the website’s copy.

10. Marketing is not free. Even SEO. You’re basically trading the time you spend and your money.

11. You must heavily market even free services. The days that “Build the foundation and then they’ll come”.

12. Find advocates who will discuss your program on their blogs, websites or on forums.

13. Run an affiliate program. Affiliates are a great way to advertise your product and are required to be paid only after the sale is completed. Give them plenty of marketing materials.

14. Create presentations to chambers of commerce , or Internet users’ clubs (NeN, TiE, Nasscom chapters) about the advantages from your product. Make sure to keep it free of pitch and only provide a brief summary at the end.

This will help you start and gain momentum in promoting the SaaS. Best wishes

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