A Guide to Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros Island is part of the archipelago of the Bahamas. It is the largest island of the 700 Bahamian islands and is considered an island in its own right. In fact, it is so large that it is bigger than all of the other islands combined! Read on to learn more about this unique destination. Here are some tips for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Andros Island:

Andros is surrounded by the world’s third largest barrier reef, which is 190 miles long and a mile deep. It is also flanked by the Tongue of the Ocean, a deep trench that separates Andros from New Providence. Its rocky shores are home to huge fish, and you can see humpback whales from the cliffs above the reef. It is one of the most spectacular sites to see in the Bahamas.

Because of its isolation, Andros exhibits greater andros island bahamas botanical and zoological diversity than any of the other Bahamas islands. Its ecosystems include hardwood coppice, pineyard, scrub, saltwater marsh, rocky and sandy beaches, and palm savannas. It is home to some of the world’s largest pines, but the north is home to overcrowded forests of young trees. While there are many wetlands throughout the island, there are few human settlements, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the Bahamas.

For the more adventurous, there are some things that can make for a fun-filled family vacation. A visit to Morgan’s Bluff, near the north end of the island, provides a stunning view. Local legend tells of a treasure buried in the cave below. Visitors should plan to visit the cave during their stay on Andros Island. There are plenty of activities that you can do on the island – especially for children!

Birdwatchers can see over 200 species of birds on the island. Among these are the critically endangered Bahama oriole and the great lizard cuckoo, which are endemic to the island. Andros is also home to the endangered Kirtland’s warbler, which is estimated to number just 600 individuals. But despite its small size, it is worth the trip to enjoy the birds on Andros.

The newest attraction on Andros Island is the Andros National Park. The island is home to an abundance of wildlife and a variety of ecosystems. There are dozens of species of birds and several protected areas for birdwatching. Birdwatchers should bring binoculars or a camera and get out on the island! You can spend the day learning about them and enjoying the scenery. They will appreciate how enchanting and tranquil it is on Andros Island.

The island is made up of ten townships and four districts. It is represented in the national parliament by two members. It is also surrounded by a pristine stretch of ocean. There are many small settlements on Andros. You can catch permit, tarpon, and bonefish. These fish are considered to be some of the world’s premiere gamefish. Deep sea fishing is also possible on Andros. Deep sea fishing in the Tongue of the Ocean is also possible. Locals also fish for snapper and grouper on a regular basis.

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