Smoking cessation: What is the best way to do it?

Quitting smoking is difficult, so how can you make it easier on yourself? A glance at the statistics is in order.Tutorials - Het gebruik van IQOS @ IQOS.NL

The success rate of stopping “cold turkey” is low. Only 5-7 percent of smokers who try to stop without any preparation are successful, according to research.

It is difficult to forecast the success of electronic cigarettes. To help individuals stop the habit of smoking, there hasn’t been much study done on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes. People who used e-cigarettes were more likely than people using medical nicotine replacements such as patches, gum, lozenges, and other nicotine replacement aids to stop smoking conventional cigarettes, according to a study done in 2019.

However, a considerable number of electronic cigarettes were still being used at the end of the research. People who used patches, gums, or any other method to quit smoking had a better probability of succeeding. They no longer had a need for their patches. The use of e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking was met with a new challenge: learning how to stop using e-cigarettes. More research is needed before we can say for sure if electronic cigarettes are useful for those who are attempting to stop the habit of smoking.

Smoking cessation programmes have been shown to be both effective and safe.

Medical nicotine replacements or medications may be used as part of a comprehensive plan for quitting smoking, as well as psychological support. As a result, these programmes generally involve medicine and counselling as part of their offerings. Additionally, programmes that target disorders like depression, anxiety, and insomnia may be even more helpful in helping people quit smoking.

Your nicotine addiction and cravings for nicotine will be reduced over time with the help of any programme intended to aid you in stopping smoking. Getting off smoking cigarettes is a worthwhile goal for everyone. The ultimate goal of quitting smoking is to break the addiction to nicotine.


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