Dabbing: Everything You Need to Know

E-Nails has made utilising concentrates easier than ever before. E-Nails, which can be manufactured by a number of different companies and serve a variety of functions, do not require a torch lighter. However, the core premise stays the same: they make heating your nails easier. Use e-nails, which can be powered by batteries or an electrical outlet, to keep your rig always ready for dabbing. Sometimes, the name “E-Rigs” is used to describe enail herb grinder kit. Due of its universal compatibility, an E-Rig is a portable gadget that can be attached to nearly any rig. This provides a portable electronic nail that may be used without the need for a flashlight.

What is exactly a dab rig?

The primary purpose of a dab rig is to vaporise cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is an alternative way for inhaling and exhaling marijuana concentrates; the heated “banger” of the rig holds the concentrates in place.

You can view the team’s brief dabbing session in the 2019 Spannabis video posted below. Watch this video to discover how a dab rig works and how to dab effectively.

The term “dabs” refers to any inhalable extract that has been heated (such as a nail, banger, or bowl). Dabs consist primarily of budder, shatter, wax, or any other THC-rich extract. Extractions, for instance, might contain up to 90 percent THC, whereas buds contain just 10 to 15 percent THC.

Dabbing vs. smoking: Which is better?

There are considerable differences between vaping and smoking. When dabbing properly, you will inhale vapour rather of smoke, demonstrating that it is a healthier option to smoking flower. There are proper and improper dabbing techniques.

Do you have any suggestions as to where you may find the greatest concentrates?

The first step in producing the ideal dab is to select the finest concentrate. Looking through the available concentrates for dabbing at various dispensary locations might be absolutely overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you avoid spending your money on an ineffective concentration.

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